Simcoe Sophistication

Simcoe, Ontario

The site is a historical estate from the 19th century that required a complete re-design. Careful consideration of existing site features and proper planning to include new features put the design process to the test. The site is very flat and therefore, drainage became one of the most important issues. The final product was a result of a year and a half of design followed by three years of construction.

A Tree Succession plan was required to replace dead and dying trees. New trees were planted at varying sizes in order to create a proper cadence throughout the property.

The site was quite open to the surrounding neighbours and creating privacy was the number one request. Large caliper trees were spaded into place and now, no neighbouring homes can be seen.

Large parties are often held at the property and numerous areas were required to be created for smaller gatherings within a larger event. The property needed to be used in the daylight as well as in the evening. Night lighting and fire were used to create comfortable intimate areas for people.

A large pool was requested to become the focal point of the space. A 30' x 50' gunite pool was installed with built in water features for background sound and a remote control cover for safety. A stainless steel trench drain was installed on all four sides of the pool to help resolve an overall grading issue. The surface of the pool also acts as a reflective surface for the surrounding landscape adding another element to the already warm welcoming space