Orchard Community Park

Burlington, Ontario

Seferian Design Group was retained by the City of Burlington to create the detailed working drawings for the Orchard Community Park in Burlington. Seferian Design Group worked in close conjunction with the City of Burlington to develop all aspects of park programming. Seferian Design Group worked on the layout, grading, and detailing for several site features included new trails within the park, entrance nodes, seating areas, junior playing field, basketball court, playground space, picnic areas, parking, and landscape planting areas. Lighting was also provided for the park as well as the sport fields, an off-leash dog park, and a trail located along the top of bank adjacent to Bronte Creek.

Our team also created naturalized buffer plantings, trails, and lookouts areas as the park is directly adjacent to the Bronte Creek Provincial Park. Trail connectivity to surrounding neighbourhoods was also a key aspect of our design. Our team created detailed trail plans that connected the park amenities within the new residential neighbourhood. The park was an instant success within the City of Burlington.