Waterdown Skating Loop + Park Pathway Design

Waterdown, Ontario

In 2014, Seferian Design Group was retained by the City of Hamilton to provide landscape architectural design services for the new skating loop with Waterdown Memorial Park in Hamilton. Our team worked collaboratively with the City and the consulting team to develop a landscape design that: implemented a consistent municipal design and technical standard; encouraged a high standard of landscape design; ensured safe and efficient pedestrian access, connections, and circulation; and created appropriate relationships and transitions between built form and public space.

Our team created conceptual design drawings, detailed design and procurement drawings, and specifications for the skating loop landscape and pathways. The landscape design included low-maintenance, drought tolerant planting design, new site furnishings, and new 3.0m asphalt pathways throughout the park. Construction began in late October 2015 and was completed in July of 2016.

The Grand Opening took place on Saturday, July 9, 2016 with Ward Councilor Judi Partridge.