Trail Development & Design


At Seferian Design we are passionate about trail development and active transportation. Trail development with a Municipality facilitates city wide travel and is often the primary recreational method in connecting parks, recreational centres, schools, commercial sites, cultural and institutional centres, transit facilities and numerous residential neighbourhoods. Trails are an essential and valuable asset to local lifestyle and community vitality by promoting opportunities for walking, hiking, bicycling, as well as many other forms of active and passive recreation.

Seferian Design has completed numerous trail projects throughout several Municipalities and contributes our success to working closely with these user groups. These relationships allow for and integrated approach to developing design guidelines and implementation strategies that are tailored to available budgets and meet recreational, transportation and economic development needs of local jurisdictions and organizations.
Our key services include:
• Functional and detailed design for various creational, off-road and on-road cycling facilities and trails
• Network implementation strategies
• Cyclist, pedestrian on and off-road trail crossings of various types of roads
• Landscape Architecture
• Route signing and route identification strategies
• Connecting communities
• Maintenance guidelines
• Construction costs for networks and supporting facilities
• Context-sensitive design initiatives relating to trail development