Fairways Condominiums

1400 Dixie Road, Mississauga, Ontario

The Fairways Condominium Board (PCC 199) retained the landscape architectural design services of Seferian Design Group to redevelop the outdoor common space on the property. The area to be retrofitted was approximately 300’ x 100’ and was entirely on top of the parking garage below (roof slab).

One of the main challenges of the design was that the roof terrace restoration was limited to 2 foot of fill on top of the roof slab. The main site features included a tennis court, walking trails and a badminton court. Other features included shuffle board courts, a communal outdoor kitchen and dining area with a pavilion, communal herb gardening planters, and a central water feature with bench seating and pergolas.

Site accessibility concerns were alleviated with innovative grading and paving measures and a safety railing around a majority of the perimeter.. Seferian Design Group also worked with an irrigation and lighting consultant to provide a full site lighting design, both for safety and accent lighting. Planting varieties had to be specially selected to accommodate shallow planting depths.