SDG on All Hands in the Dirt, Evergreen Foundation

SDG on All Hands in the Dirt, Evergreen Foundation

October 26, 2015

Restoring school grounds is about restoring a spirit of place. School grounds are special places for play and for learning, and nature has an important role in both. For children, school grounds are the setting where they develop lifelong social skills and receive subtle messages about what matters in their social and physical environment.

Led by experts in design and education, All Hands in the Dirt is an annual, two-day conference at Evergreen Brick Works for sharing innovations and best practices in creating vibrant children's spaces for outdoor learning and play.

A unique offering of presentations, workshops, hands-on activities and small-group discussions will address some of the key challenges facing designers, educators and administrators, including:

  • Addressing questions of risky play in the outdoors
  • Increasing and improving learning opportunities in children’s outdoor spaces
  • Unpacking policies and practices for children’s outdoor spaces
  • Designing for child development and increased physical activity
  • Evaluation and assessment for teaching outdoors

This year our staff attended the conference and was amazed with the richness of experience shared by speakers and participants. We are very excited and eager to apply on our school ground projects all the great knowledge and information received.