Looking for Inspiration?

Looking for Inspiration?

In Spring 2012, Seferian Design Group was featured in Natural Landscapes Magazine, Canada’s landscape design build magazine.

You look at your boring backyard, let your imagination run riot and all kinds of fantasies spin out. You can picture yourself lounging by an aqua blue lagoon pool as water cascades from a rock waterfall. There is a swim-up bar, cabana, an all-stone outdoor kitchen, vines and flowers – an amazing oasis where life’s little stresses are left at the front curb; a resort setting in which you can find solace and tranquility or invite friends and neighbours to an outdoor luau. Inspire As your mind wanders, you zero in on the maple tree in the corner of the lot, next to where the pool will go. It would be perfect for a tree house to keep the kids busy, right? Now you’re off and running with an extreme transformation that brings new meaning to the term ‘staycation’.

With gas prices and ugly cottage commutes in mind, a backyard wonderland begins to make a lot of sense. It’s right there for you, a recreational cocoon available six months of the years. But that tree house idea really sets one’s mind to racing- a place for the kids or perhaps an adult tree house where you can let the little child in you feel free from adulthood for a short while. Before you know it, your thoughts are verging on the crazily impractical- a roped walkway from the deck to the tree, a perch from which to dive into the pool.

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