The Difference Is Night & Day

The Difference Is Night & Day

With extensive experience in major concrete swimming pool reconstruction, Oasis Pools Ltd., in Burlington, Ontario, played a major role in seamlessly uniting a house, an existing pool and a lake at the rear of the property into one integrated space. “Our company was chosen for this project due to our extensive experience in concrete pool restoration as well as our expertise in gunite construction,” says Greg Selinger of Oasis Pools. “It is rare that this degree of effort is put into a 40+ year old structure, but our confidence in incorporating the existing structure into this project, as opposed to removing it, is a testament to the durability of concrete pool construction. Any other type of pool would have to have been demolished – resulting in additional costs.” In terms of the overall design, the customer also enlisted the services of Seferian Design Group as well as Country Estates Landscape in order to complete their backyard living space which includes a spa, swimming pool, trellis, cabana with kitchenette, a fireplace and large decking areas.

Complete Overhaul
In order to succeed, in terms of what the client had in mind, Oasis had to perform a complete overhaul of the existing, four decade old concrete swimming pool that was in extremely poor condition. To bring the swimming pool back to life, the concrete structure was sandblasted to clean the surface, while new coping, tile, marbelite, staircases, skimmer and circulation lines were added. The facelift of the old rectangular 6 m x 12 m (20 ft. x 40 ft) dry-pack concrete pool shell also included incorporating a 2.4 m x 3 m (8 ft. x 10 ft.) elevated gunite hot tub, attached to the shallow end, and a 6 m x 1.8 m (20 ft. x 6 ft.) lower gunite vault at the deep end for the spill over edge.

The 1.1 m to 2.4 m (3 ft. 6 in. to 8 ft.) deep pool features dual corner staircases, a formed and poured seeded exposed aggregate coping, and porcelain mosaic tile border. The interior of the entire structure is finished in a 3M Colorquartz marbelite aggregate to generate a deep blue tint; while approximately 279 sq m (3,000 sq. ft.) of multi-level exposed aggregate decking along with significant areas of Wiarton flagstone surrounds the pool area. “Although the above work is fairly standard for us, the design called for the addition of an elevated hot tub in the shallow end, as well as the construction of a concrete vault in the deep end to receive the overflow from the vanishing edge,” says Selinger. “In general, this installation required a fair bit of expertise regarding the attachment of auxiliary structures to the existing concrete shell and ensuring that these structures would remain bonded and watertight.” The elevated gunite half circle spa is approximately 1.8 m x 3 m x 1.1 m (6 ft. x 10 ft. x 3 ft. 6 in.) with approximately 12 to 14 jets. The interior of the spa is finished in a 3MColorquartz marbelite and the exterior elevated skirt portion of the spa is finished with Owen Sound ledge rock and a cast-in-place, steel-reinforced, exposed seeded aggregate concrete coping featuring a bull nose profile.

Sea to Sky Concept
As this installation is located at the rear of a large two acre lakefront estate in the Burlington-Oakville corridor, Oasis used the ‘sea to sky’ concept as the major focal point of the vanishing edge design – visually extending the pool water into the lake and into the horizon beyond. To accomplish this major design element, Oasis installed dual, two horsepower pumps to provide a dramatic waterfall effect over the vanishing edge. The system is fully programmable and can be easily managed by remote control – allowing the client to operate the vanishing edge as desired using a Jandy ‘Aqualink’ controller. “We feel that the infinity edge is a critical component of this installation,” states Selinger. “The client was thrilled with the result and couldn’t believe the transformation that took place and we have had a healthy relationship with the client ever since.” Keeping With The ‘Fully-Automated’ Theme.

The spa also uses dual, two horsepower booster pumps with spa-side air controls, while it too can be controlled remotely using the Jandy controller. In keeping with the ‘fully automated’ theme, an ‘AquaRite’ saltwater generator was installed to constantly and automatically produce and feed chlorine to the swimming pool and spa at the correct pre-set level. Besides the aforementioned features, Oasis installed the pool equipment in a bunker that was constructed beneath the cabana in order to minimize the noise as well as to maximize the usable square footage of the cabana.

“Installing all of the equipment in the bunker also allows easy access to the approximately 20 pool lines in case of any problems down the road,” explains Selinger. “During construction we encountered no significant problems. Having a knowledgeable and understanding client, along with a capable architect and landscaper, ensured that this project moved along without undue suffering. The project took approximately four months to complete and the total cost, including the landscaping, cabana, etc. was approximately $300,000 to $400,000.