Wilmot Trails Master Plan: Implementation Plan

Baden, Ontario

The Township of Wilmot approved the Wilmot Trails Master Plan (WTMP) on November 18, 2013.  The Master Plan is intended to guide trail development in the Township as well as municipal projects having trail implications.  In 2013, Seferian Design Group was retained to prepare an Implementation Plan for WTMP.  The Implementation Plan included: 

  • Detailed design and construction standards for trail types discussed in the WTMP
  • Estimated unit costs for these construction standards including surface types and trail structures (ie. boardwalks and bridges), rural and urban road cross-sections, and signage
  • Trail signage standards (ie. frequency, location, purpose etc.)
  • Trail maintenance standards
  • AODA requirements for trail development and maintenance as applicable
  • An analysis of staff recourses and budget requirements to implement the plan
  • An analysis of the mission and key participants of a Wilmot Trails Advisory Committee and recommendations with respect to its establishment

The implementation of recommendations in the WTMP over the next 10+ years will see the Township of Wilmot begin to keep pace with growing public demand for high quality, connected trail systems  that connect neighbourhoods with places of recreation, shopping and employment.  The Implementation Plan builds upon past and current trail development efforts, and is intended as a blueprint to guide the development, operation, and maintenance of trails throughout the Township of Wilmot in the short, medium, and long term