Mindwerx 4 Kids Child Centre

Toronto, Ontario

Mindwerx 4 Kids is a school designed with the belief that each person's particular combination of learning styles and talents is distinctive. Their schools aim to provide a learning environment planned with a specific child in mind; to tap talents, encourage motivation and increase skill across subject areas. Seferian Design Group was retained to develop an outdoor children’s learning space that fostered students to develop into creative, well-rounded scholars able to achieve their full potential. The space targeted children from 18 months to Grade 6.

Mindwerx 4 Kids is highly focused on understanding each child's specific characteristics. Plants were chosen to attract the attention of children albeit through colours and scents. The design also included creative paving patterns, delineated cycling tracks, and walking areas. Seferian Design Group applied Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles of safety and security in landscape design to create a space that was interesting, fun and safe for all users.