Joseph Brant Hospital

Toronto, Ontario

As part of the HGTV television show called ‘Green Force’, Seferian Design Group was retained to design and build a children’s garden that would be filmed for airing in Canada and USA. Involving the children and the adjacent community, a creative and innovative design was prepared along with a smooth transition into the neighbouring landscape.

Plants were chosen to attract the attention of children albeit through colours and scents. The design also included creative paving patterns, delineated cycling tracks, and walking areas. A large wall was erected on the site to facilitate creativity among the children, allowing them to paint and explore. With the site completely redesigned to alleviate vandalism and trespassing, the children use the entire space to learn and play. Seferian Design Group applied Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles of safety and security in landscape design to create a space that was safe for all users.