Joseph Brant Hospital

Burlington, Ontario

Seferian Design Group was retained by the Joseph Brant Hospital to complete a transformation of the hospital’s central courtyard which lacked a sense of community and place. The hospital courtyard was re-designed to allow terminal and long-term residents of the hospital use of the space year round. Seferian Design Group carried this project from concept through to implementation. It provided an opportunity to mentor students of the Humber College Landscape Design program. Haig Seferian worked closely with the President of Humber College and the college instructors to give students hands-on experience implementing the firm’s integrated and innovative design.

A small but motivated army of industry members and suppliers worked hand in hand with students using a real project as an outdoor lab and classroom. Seferian Design Group Limited carried this project from concept through to implementation. The value of this project for the community topped $480,000.00 with no cost being attributed to the community. The transformation was an instant success as residents populated the space immediately after construction. The Mayor of Burlington and President of the hospital both provided awards for the design and implementation of this project. The memories and relationships will last as will the legacy of benefit to the hospital users. The project was also filmed for an HGTV episode of ‘Green Force’.