Advent Lutheran Church/ Oriole Peanut Community Garden

Toronto, Ontario

The Oriole Peanut Community Garden is an ecological oasis for the neighbourhood as well as a meeting place for families and friends to gather. The gardeners are made up of approximately 19 different nationalities and ages from newborn to 87 years old. It is the largest multicultural community garden in Canada and provides food for approximately 700 people.

Seferian Design Group was retained to create a unique and innovative outdoor space for the Advent Lutheran Church/Oriole Peanut Community Garden. The design of this community garden included raised beds that are accessible for wheelchairs, a rain water recovery system for watering the gardens and the tree-spading of 20’ trees.

The landscape has vegetable beds for 104 families, two raised beds for seniors and /or wheelchair access, two raised educational beds, six individual flower/herbal gardens as well as approximately 1000 square feet of butterfly, bird and honey bee gardens. The garden in its entirety is organic. It is the purpose of the garden to build on and sustain a strong foundation for diversity and multi-culturalism in North York East through the development and implementation of a world class muti-cultural, multi-age community run garden. Our partner agencies including: Working Women Community Centre, Oriole Community Centre, FoodShare and African Food Basket. The project was featured on HGTV’s ‘Green Force’.