Ecological Design & Rehabilitation

Since 1992, Seferian Design Group has completed numerous ecological design and rehabilitation projects. We regularly collaborate with teams of engineers, fluvial geo-morphologists and aquatic biologists to design biologically complex landscapes. We facilitate the collaborative process to reduce design time and cost through open communication that brings out the best in all team members – clients, design professionals, consultants, and builders. The long-term viability of landscapes and promoting sustainability is deeply immersed in our firm culture. We have experience working closely with approval agencies and conservation authorities throughout southern Ontario and are familiar with policy and best practices.

Our services include:
• Native species plantings
• Riparian compensation plans
• Tree inventories and management plans
• Aquatic Rehabilitation
• Live stake plantings
• Habitat Creation
• Woody and herbaceous plantings
• Vegetation Monitoring
• Bank stabilization
• Wetland Creation
• Natural channel realignment