South Beach Condominiums

Fort Erie, Ontario

Historically known as a tourism mecca made famous in the late 1800’s by its boardwalks, bathhouses, majestic hotels, and a seemingly endless throngs of ferry passengers, South Beach enjoyed a reputation as a destination like no other. In 2011, Seferian Design Group was retained to design a $60 million residential development on the location of the former waterfront amusement park. This adaptive-reuse project included the enhancement of the several public spaces and beach waterfront. Key design features included landscape plantings, decorative concrete paving patterns, site furnishings (benches, bike racks, bistro tables), entry gateway features, and rope-bollard barriers. Several wood boardwalks were also installed to allow controlled waterfront access.

Working in close conjunction with the MNR, Seferian Design Group created toad enhancement hibernation areas to strengthen the protection of sensitive habitat. Several interpretive signage areas were also installed for the project to provide residents with a history of the area and assist with the protection of toad habitat. Today South Beach offers a growing antique and specialty shop market, fine and casual dining, lakefront nightlife, convenience markets, and a charm that shall never wear off.