Percy Street Park

Toronto, Ontario

The City of Toronto retained the landscape architectural design services of Seferian Design Group to redevelop Percy Street Park near the future West Don Lands project. The development of the Park was conceived in conjunction with the City of Toronto, Mayor David Miller and the neighbouring community.

The park included gathering areas for residents, community garden plots for growing vegetables, shade, grass and public art. Graffiti was removed, garbage collected and the neighbours all participated in the process. Within weeks of breaking ground, the park was complete including features such as night lighting and an irrigation system. The entire project was completed at no cost to the residents or the City. So inspired was the Mayor that he presented Seferian Design Group Limited with an award and encouraged every community in the City to follow suit.

The space was featured on HGTV’s ‘Green Force’ and was donated to the community at no cost. Today, the residents have taken back the park with full ownership and once again the space is used as it was intended.