24 Brock Street Visual Impact Study

Dundas, Ontario

In 2009 at the request of the Niagara Escarpment Commission (NEC), Seferian Design Group was retained to prepare a visual impact study for the re-designed condominium development proposed for 24 Brock Street, in Dundas, Ontario. The City of Hamilton and NEC staff had identified a number of key issues with the building design which did not coincide with their vision/policies of new development abutting this environmentally sensitive area.

The NEC raised the concern of the building façade facing Dundas Peak (the North face of the building). Their concern was that the blunt nature of the tall, flat, building façade on the North side created an obtrusive form with regards to views from the Bruce Trail, specifically, Dundas Peak. Seferian Design Group conducted an extensive inventory of the site and surrounding area marking significant viewpoints, photographs, and waypoints using GPS technology. All information was analyzed and evaluated and ultimately integrated into the visual impact study, which included all detailed GPS mapping and 3D modelling of the site.